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Contact me for an up-to-date pricing sheet for Wedding Photography. It would help a lot if you communicated some planned details for your day such as the time of day your ceremony is planned. Where your ceremony and Reception will be taking place. The number of guests (and wedding party members) that will be attending.

Chat to me if you would like a quote regarding your Corporate and/or Event photography requirements. Please communicate with as much information as possible regarding your expectations.

Would you like me to send you an information sheet and pricing for a Family Lifestyle Photography session? Please advise on how many family members will be participating and the age/s of the children.

Furthermore, if you would just like to chat about an idea you have, feel free to use the form below or contact Jo via WhatsApp.

Contact me via the form below…

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+27 (0) 71 455 2247

Finally, follow Jo Blair Photography on Facebook and Instagram @joblairphotography.

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