Maggie & Johan’s Just Us Wedding

The Vineyard Hotel, Claremont

Black and white portrait of gorgeous newlyweds

Maggie and Johan were beyond excited to secure a “Just Us” elopement wedding package at the Vineyard Hotel. This offered the perfect solution for their desire to have an intimate celebration for just the two of them. I knocked on Maggie’s door about an hour before the ceremony was due to start. Enough time to capture some preparation moments and bridal portraits before meeting Johan at the bar for a few groom portraits. This was my plan… BUT, it was difficult to tear these two apart! Finally, I was able to get into the room with Maggie, having ‘shoo’ed Johan off! Quite frankly, I don’t blame either of them… the gorgeous level of these two is off the charts. Maggie happily chatted away as though we had known each other for years while Johan sipped a scotch on the rocks at the bar, with a big anticipatory smile on his face. Their ceremony was exquisite (I do find it a challenge to shoot through my tears…) and our couple session was ridiculously effortless and so much fun.

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