Smith Family Photography session

Klaasenbosch Trail, Constantia

Sisters posing on a fallen log for a family photograph

The Smiths are a close-knit family from Cape Town. Over the years, the 3 siblings have left home and Rob and Susanne now live in the USA with their 2 lovely daughters. The wedding celebration of one of the brothers recently  brought them all together. This seemed like an ideal opportunity to add on a family photography session. What ensued was a wonderful morning get together on the gorgeous Constantia greenbelt in front of my lense(s). We had a little walk, clambered onto some logs, jumped off rocks and would have paddled in the stream had the water not been quite so icey! Lots of fun and some great memories to treasure.

I hope to see you all again on your next gathering.


Below is a small selection of the final product that was provided to the Smith Family on a USB and sent across the world to download via WeTransfer.

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